Brazil: The global leader in


Brazil is the leader in the production and exportation of many high quality ingredients to feed the world: soybean, sugar, coffee and orange.

The future has already started: This country has about 160 million acres of undeveloped fertile land – a territory larger than the combined area of France and Spain. Watch our institutional video:

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Aiming to reach many different countries and industries across the globe, BR Commodities works everyday to export Brazilian agricultural commodities.


We strongly believe that the world needs high-quality ingredients to supply its increasingly strong demand for food. The future will be certainly related to our global community’s capacity to feed the planet. This moment has already started.


BR Commodities has invested in a team with a large experience in exporting food ingredients for almost 70 countries. We possess a well-developed chain with an experienced range of suppliers and farmers from Brazil. To put it simply, we can establish a competitive opportunity for buyers who have industries producing food in any continent.


of food production
is from Brazil

183 million

metric tons

of soybean were exported in 2020

The #1 leader

in exportation

of soybean, sugar, coffee and orange.

One of the top leaders in the exportation

of corn, beans, peanuts, cocoa, etc.

*Source: World Food Prize

*Source: Statists

*Source: Statists

*Source: Ipeadata.




For the 2019/2020 harvest, grain production is expected to break records in several sectors. The CNA expects a production of 248 million tons, with an increase of 2.5% over the previous year. It will be possible to significantly improve production and productivity rates in connection with good weather conditions and a more technological agriculture.


BR Commodities is part of Brazil Barn group.

In addition to buying our high quality ingredients, you can also invest in one of the most successul sectors: Food and agriculture. Brazil is the perfect place to grow crops and it will gain even more demand to feed the world.



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